ButterflyWay.com values each and every one of our customers.    These are a few  comments :

I received the Butterflies.  They were beautiful and breathtaking.  Thank you so much.

Kristine Elsesser    8/27/14

Hi Alan,  The release went well, the morning was cloudy so we just waited until the sun came out in the afternoon to release them.  They were a little sluggish at first, but they all flew away and it was beautiful and they were Amazing.
Thanks again for the services.  Blessing to you ButterflyWay Family.
Rhonda Bulwer   2014
We just received them. Yay!!!! Thank you for the few extras. I am so excited to show them all off at our event tonight.
Thanks again for getting them out yesterday, just in time for our women's conference. You guys rock!!! 
 -Kara Sundholm    2013          
Kara, thank you for the complement and what a lovely display.  Hope your event is memorable.


The butterflies were beautiful and cooperated nicely in the breezy sunshine when we released them.  A few wanted to stick around in the box but were all gone within five minutes.  There was not a sound from the 100 guests as we released the butterflies.  It was really beautiful.  Thanks for getting the little guys to us with no hitch and all alive.

Sincerely, Margaret of Southern California  2012


Thank You again!  Your butterflies were a big hit once again.

Kyla Biba   2012

Earth Day event – Spring in Guadalupe Gardens, San Jose, California. The butterflies were a huge hit! Everyone loved them from kids to adults. One person even said we had the best booth   at the fair.Devony Taylor, Keep San Jose Beautiful and Volunteer San Jose

Earth Day displayEarth Day displayEarth Day displayEarth Day display

Thank you so much !  The painted ladies flew onto the flowers and we took lots of pictures.   The kids had a blast watching the butterflies.

Amanda Kriss  LosAngles  2012

We were pleased with the Beautiful Monarchs and the Gorgeous Release container we purchased from you.  We were amazed how they actually flew around trying out the flowers. Again, thank you.

Mr. and Mrs. Gonzales   SanJose  2011

Thank you for comming thru for us.  It made the passing of my father a beautiful final farewell.

Kristy  Ca.  2011




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