• Release Butterflies 2 hours before dark
  • Butterflies fly in 65 degrees and warmer.  Avoid releases on extreme hot days.
  • Butterflies Do Not fly on cloudy or rainy days
  • Butterflies Love Nectar.  It is best to release Butterflies near nectar flowers
  • Butterflies are Beautiful Insects.  They pollinate our plants.  Butterfles not only need nectar, they sip water as well.  Please do not release Butterflies near areas sprayed with pesticides.


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Easy School Kit

Kit come pre-made with 1 painted lady larvae.  The set up work is already done. Follow larvae kit instructions below.

School Kit Instructions

Kit comes with dry food.  Pour food into a larger container ,reserving  some in the cup it arrived in.  Very slowly, add chlorine free water to the dry food until the consistancy of cookie dough.  Add reserved  dry food it needed. 

Add 9 grams to each cup and then 1 larva. (keep cup covered to insure gnats do not get into cup during preperation).  Punch 2 small holes into the lid .  Place a coffee filter over the cup the then place the lid over the cup and coffee filter.

Larva Kit Instructions

Basic rules :1.keep out of the sun not get wet not disturb larva while molting not touch pupae for the first 24 hours  5. newly emerged butterflies need 3-5 hours for their wings to dry.  6. Release butterfly  with in 2 days of emerging ,while sunny , 2 hours or more before dark  and 65 degrees or warmer.

Once or twice a week , remore lid  and locate larva.  Carefully, dump out frass (poo) by genly tapping bottom of cup.   If larva falls out, use brush or stick , brush the top of the larva's hairs to get larva to walk.   Place cup in front of larva so larva can walk itself into the cup.  This prevents injuring larva and possible death.

2 instar Larva to butterfly is about 3 weeks.  When larva starts running around the cup as if in a hurry to go somewhere, they  will attach itself to the lid of the cup, preparing for final instar and become a pupae.  Do not disturb.   24 hours after becoming a pupae, add a spritz of mist to the pupae every couple of days until pupae starts to darken then quit .

7 - 10 later, the pupae will emerge.  



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