Release Instructions

                 Butterfly Release Instructions

       DO: Fly Above 65 Degrees                                                                   DO NOT: Fly in Rain, Snow, Cloudy Days or at Night                        

1. Packaged delivered. As soon as you recieve your precious package, open it up, take out the freezer pack, and re-freeze it.   Close the package and put in a cool, dark room.  Once freezer pack is re-frozen, replace into package as orinally found.  If event is on a Sunday, repeat on Saturday.

2. Event. Within 45 minutes of event release, remove freezer pack.  Remove Butterflies and other chosen items for your release.  

3. Transfering Butterflies.  If you need to place Butterflies into a Release container, you will best do with 2 people.  In a dim room, one person is to open and close  lid of the  release container, Quickly.  The second person will remove Butterflies from individual release containers, one at a time, and place in release container.  The Butterflies will warm and move towards the lid, so the more smoothly and rapidly this process happens, prevents escape-ee's.  

4. Individual Release.  For individual releases,  remove Butterflies and place in a decorative container, or leave in pre-chosen display box.  When you hear the fluttering of wings in the individual containers, the Butterflies are ready for release.

5. Do Not place Butterflies in direct sun if over 75 degrees.   If displaying, the Butterflies before release (means they are in a visual display container ), lightly  mist the Butterflies from a spray with water. 

Check to be sure bottle is on Mist !!!


               Enjoy Your Event


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