Monarch larva

MONARCH  Monarch Larvae require Overnight Shipment.  Additional shipping may be required.   Please Call For Summer Ship Rates.

Shipping cost are $30.00 per package.  If online order does not reflect the 30.00 ship rate, a invoice will be sent to fullfill the monarch larvae ship rate before shipment.  All monarch larvae must be shipped priority overnight due to their sensitivity during shipment. 

Monarch  larva, pupae and adults are sold to states west of the Colorado divide, in compliance with USDA regulations. 

small larva  $ 4.oo each   

Shipping:  ButterflyWay ships priority overnight . 

Due to monarch larva's sensiive nature , monarch larva is preferably sent by fedex priority overnight.    Read policys before ordering monarch larva.

For Monarch larva orders, It is advised that customer obtains milkweed from their local nursery before receiving monarch eggs or larva. Note: Be sure milkweed is pesticide free !  Suggestion is to rinse plant thourghly 2 or 3 times before use.   Inspect for spiders and other insects before putting  larvae on plant.   Butterflyway does not guarantee monarch larvae due to sensitivity of the monarch during shipping.  Butterflyway cannot control enviroment upon the delivery of insects.


Price: $4.00
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