Policies and Guarantees

Call Monday through Saturday 9-5 Pacific Time, or contact Alan at www.ButterflyWay.com

Livestock Guarantee

Butterfly farmers raise butterflies because they are passionate about butterflies. Safety of all butterflies and their different stages of life  shipped are important to us.

www.ButterflyWay.com guarantees  that  butterflies arrive  alive.  Inspect the shipment as soon as package arrives to check on contents.  If there is an issue, call the day of arrivial.  Do not throw away if any insects are dead. Call Butterflyway at 707 725-2424.  Due to  lack of control over conditions and handling , we cannot guarantee life of insects beyond day of arrival. (ButterflyWay no longer sells eggs or pupae , except   painted lady larvae and monarch larvae are sold seasonaly.  Customer is requried to provide their own pesticide/bug free milkweed).

On arrival, the products must be inspected to insure successful shipment and to notify us immediately on the day shippment arrives, in the event of a problem.

Please do not destroy anything as we require the insect to be returned and or a digital camera image emailed to www.ButterflyWay.com day of arrivial.

If you do not receive an answer at 707 725-2424 , please leave a message. If your package arrives without instructions please contact us immediately.

Shipment Policy

Live butterflies are shipped out overnight priority delivery Monday through Thursday, arriving via FedEx or UPS. Signature is required for butterfly guarantee.

Customer is responsibily for shipping costs.

Order Must Be Paid For In Full Before Shipment!!

We will invoice you and contact you to arrange payment. We are a verified PayPal merchant.

Butterfly Flying Conditions

Butterflies live to flutter about,  pollinating flowers. To do this, the weather conditions must be above 62 degrees 75 ideal. Butterflies do not fly in the rain or on cloudy, cold days. Butterfly season is typically between April until the end or middle of October . Please release butterflies in a pesticide free environment to help ensure further broods of butterflies.

Weather Cancellation Policy

We allow cancellation of an order 5 days before shipment due to poor weather. A full refund only on the "5 day Weather Forecast" is offered and must be called in on that day.



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