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Always tring to find a $ saving idea.  Here is one that we really like.  To buy one they run from $10.00 to $160.00.  Recycle and Reuse to make a Renew.



DIY Ant Bait:

If your home is anything like ours you deal with ants from time to time. Once you see one you start to see them everywhere. My wife, Danus Gillipus, and I have quite a few pets and grandchildren running around. Our first priority, next to our butterflies, is making sure that they’re safe. We use cleaning products and pest control products that are safe to the environment and our little monsters. When we have ant problems we use an ant bait to trap and kill these little suckers. My wife, Danus Gillipus, even found ways to “pretty-fy” the traps. 

Tools Needed:

1 Part Borax Detergent Soap

2 Parts Grape Jelly

1 Container of Your Choice (Or Even A Bottle Cap)



6 in x 6 in Tule Fabric Per Container

1 Rubber-band Per Container

1 Toothpick

1 Container Lid Per Container

1 Pair of Scissors


Bait Making Process:

Step 1: Mix together 1 part borax soap and 2 parts grape jelly.

Step 2: Pour mixture into your container.

Optional: Poke Holes into the side of your container and add a lid.


Optional Camouflaging Steps:

Step 1: Take tulle and place over container (no lid) and secure with rubber band.

Step 2: Cut tulle around container as you’d like.

 If you'd like a visual tutorial than check out our video!


This is something we make and use in our house often to ward off the ants in our home. 

- BK

April 9, 2016



DIY: How to Help Control Gnats

Fresh fruit is great to have in your kitchen, and certain fruit doesn't last in the fridge very well. However we've all noticed those tiny annoying gnats hovering our fresh fruit! How do you get rid of those little monsters?  We've said it before, vinegar is an amazing for any use. All you need is three things to help free your fruit from those itty bitty annoyances. 

  1. Grab a clean, empty, soda bottle (Or any bottle you find useful).
  2. Fill half the bottle with apple cider vinegar.

Tip: Don't have apple cider vinegar? Left over red wine is a great option! Why let it go to waste if you can put it to use.

  1. Add a few drops of any dish soap in the bottle as well.

Tip: Dish soap removes the buoyancy of the gnats bodies, making them float to the bottom of the bottle.

  1. Place bottle cap onto bottle, make sure it is secure.
  2. Poke holes near the top of the bottle, just under the cap.

Tip: The smell of the vinegar attracts the gnats.

Be sure to replace gnat trap monthly!

This is great to hide somewhere in the kitchen and just leave to catch those nasty little gnats. Picking out a decorative container, or painting the bottles, can hide the gnat trap in plain sight. 


- BK

March 15, 2016


DIY: All-Purpose Cleaner

We have small grandchildren and many furry animals running around. We feel the need to clean our home in a non-toxic way but we don't really care for buying over-priced organic products. Why spend for when you can DIY? If you're looking for a cheap and non-toxic cleaner for your home you only need 3-4 things.

  1. Use two cups of white vinegar and pour in clean a spray bottle
  2. Add 2 cups of water
  3. *Optional* For a more fresh scent, add 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oil

Vinegar is a great all purpose cleaner, we use it all the time in our home. 



February 20, 2016

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