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DIY: How to Kill Grass and Weeds


How do you clear an area of all the grass? When our love and passion for butterflies began we needed to make room in our yard for out butterfly house and garden. We needed to clear out the grass in those areas without using harmful chemicals and not breaking our bank either. Here's what it took...

Step 1: Remove as much grass as possible by pulling or mowing on low. Then rake the area clean. 

Tip: You can use that grass for feeding chickens or add it to the compost rather than throwing it away.

Step 2: Place sheets of cardboards on top of the grass area you'd like to see removed. Leave cardboards there for three months; a great time to do this would be during the late fall through early spring). To keep cardboards in place use ground staples.

Tip: You can also cover your cardboard with weed cloth, completely optional.

Costco has great deals on cardboards! FREE ! Look paper isle.



Step 3: *Three months later* Remove cardboard sheets, till the soil, rake out the dried weeds and grass. Here the soil will be weed and grass free to plant a new garden.


 - BK

March 26, 2016


The Usefulness of Planting a Tree

Why Plant a Tree ?  That costs time, money, space; so why waste any of that? There are so many reasons, here are a few: 

  • One large tree can provide daily oxygen for up to four people.
  • A large tree can absorb as much as forty-eight pounds of carbon dioxide a year.
  • A large tree can sequester 1 ton of carbon dioxide in a [forty year] life time.  
  • Some butterfly friendly trees:

1) Aspens

2) Cherry Trees

3) Oaks

4) Willows

  • Plant a Nut Tree…And Reap a Good Source of Protein.

Tip: A harvested walnuts can last indefinitely in the freezer.  


February 6, 2016


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