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"Original Bigfoot Clothing"

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        Bigfoot and Butterfly™ was created to show that Bigfoot really could be just a big marshmellow , Lore of a Creature.    Whether you believe or not, sport a Bigfoot and Butterfly™ Sticker on your laptop, window or vehicle . Wear a Bigfoot and Butterfly™ tee shirt or sweatshirt. Choose California or Humboldt ! Send us a picture!  Keep and eye out for  Oregon and Washington version of Bigfoot and Butterfly™.

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Our Story

"It took a 4 year old to show us the Butterfly Way."

My wife and I lived in Santa Cruz, California , where we raised 2 daughters. We often would visit Natural Bridges State Beach to see the over-wintering Monarch Butterflies. There would be hundreds of Monarchs fluttering around on a warm winter's day. The eucalyptus tree branches hung heavy with thousands of these beautiful butterflies.

I remember in 1998 due to the El Nino storms, many of the eucalyptus trees collapsed from the strong winds and rains. The loss of the eucalyptus trees caused a decline in the migrating monarch butterflies to the over-wintering beach. The smaller number of monarchs traveling through our yards over the migrating seasons was overwhelmingly noticable.

Mary Jane


Then we had grandchildren. The oldest grandchild, (4 at the time), visited Natural Bridges State Beach with her day care. Infatuated with butterflies, she felt we could have butterflies in our own yard. That is when the idea to start raising butterflies first emerged.

We moved to Fortuna, California where I opened a small  business raising butterflies, calling it ButterflyWay.com
ButterflyWay  now helps re-populate butterflies into nature. With pesticides, urban growth, and diminishing food sources, many species of butterflies are becoming extinct or endangered. Though it's only a small contribution, it makes us feel good to help nature keep these little fluttering delights around.

Raising Butterflies: Raising butterflies takes lot of work.  Fresh food and clean conditions are required on a daily basis.   ButterflyWay is more than a business.  Responsible releases are important.  ButterflyWay shares the  important roll of pollinators and pollinator struggles with schools and groups.  ButterflyWay also promotes reducing lawns, replacing with benificial gardens.

Please click here to download a printable brochure that tells a bit more about us.


What's in the Bigfoot and Butterfly™ Shop


  1. Fresh Eggs
  2. Fresh Cut Lavender June July & August
  3. Bigfoot goods
  4. Butterflies & ButterflyTM goods
  5. Door Hooks & Knockers & Key Hooks & Knobs
  6. Mermaid & Neptune
  7. A Few Books
  8. Wedding & Funeral Extra's (cake toppers & keepsake urns)
  9. Just Fun Gifts
  10. Seasonal, Live Butterflies.
  11. Rent a Bigfoot Costume
  12. Casual Small Wedding Venue
  13. Book an Event



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